The travel and tourism industry has never faced a shock as swift and destructive as the coronavirus pandemic. Crafting the right strategy now will enable companies to emerge stronger than ever.

The scope of service depends on the task at hand, level of interaction and commitment of time required.  Purple oak is flexible and can accommodate your needs. We are prepared to serve you as an extension of your tourism business development team or as your tourism sales team in the marketplace. We have a wide network of tourism buyers from which to draw when marketing and promoting your products and services. We also have substantial expertise in building long-term impactful business relationships in the tourism industry.

Through our consulting services, Purple oak prepares your company for domestic and global tourism business growth, guiding you each step of the way. We build your knowledge and equip your team for success in the ever-evolving tourism industry. You will easily adapt to the intricacies of the industry that will turn your business into a tourism success story!

Sample of Services We Offer:

Strategic tourism business planning for business development

We help you expand your tourism customer segment reach and provide custom solutions according to the nature and the stage of your business. This includes identifying opportunities for growth, in addition to your already existing business; setting objectives; assessing and analyzing your company’s position to reach those goals; and preparing your company for the implementation of the plan.

Foundation building for new market segments

In order to effectively serve new market segments, we will help your company to first, identify which markets to serve; second, understand the needs and requirements of those markets, their buying behavior and motivations; and third, be prepared and ready to serve them operationally. Purple oak can assist your company with the entire process and provide accurate positioning with all that is necessary to build a strong foundation. 

Product development

We evaluate your existing products and services; identify niches and/or opportunities by using a creative approach and design thinking to develop new tourism products or packages that are sellable, experiential and attractive to buyer customers, and priced at an optimal cost for the market and the profit for your company ratio.

Internal tourism training and education

There is no college course designed to teach the ins and outs of working with the Travel Trade. This education comes through trial and error, experience and time. Purple oak aid and supports you and your team with the know-how to successfully pursue and receive business from domestic, international, Individual (FIT), Group, DMC and MICE markets.  This also includes preparing you with all the resources necessary to work with travel resellers.

Database and template development, e-communication outreach

Purple oak Marketing Group’s success is heavily built on databases and various templates development and management. The well-established practices within purple oak allow us to share our knowledge, best practices and expertise to benefit your company. In addition, due to our vast and broad spectrum of contact databases domestically and internationally, we can offer e-communication outreach efficiently and with no stress.

Sales collateral and website positioning

Purple oak Marketing Group will ensure that your company has the correct sales material, specifically, industry-standard business profiles. The business-to-business market requires a different conversation than the business-to-consumer market, and we help your business express its message precisely and directly to the target markets. In addition, Purple oak is ready to assist with website positioning that would address and communicate the message to the Travel Trade that your business knows how to work with them.

Sales management and sales cycle facilitation 

Purple oak Marketing Group helps and supports your company from start to finish: identifying sales opportunities (lead generation); setting sales strategy and pricing strategy; crafting a sales model; preparing a territory plan, sales materials, sales budget and tactics; identifying and choosing the right channels; and, training your sales force or acting as your company’s sales force to implement and manage everything to meet the sales targets. Purple oak prepares your company’s sales cycle to fall into the Travel Trade sales cycle.

Tradeshows, sales calls/office visits, sales missions

Purple oak have developed detailed checklists to prepare your company to gain the most from your participation in a tradeshow. We can also represent you at a tradeshow if you are unable to attend. Moreover, we are adept at organizing and preparing for sales calls, office visits and sales missions, or develop these specifically for your company.

FAM tours/event planning/execution (delivery)

Purple oak Marketing Group has been organizing successful sales events and FAM tours by bringing suppliers together with buyers (please check our marketing programs page for more info) and can offer full support to organize a sales event or FAM tour for your destination or business. We assist as a highly efficient and attentive to detail tourism sales event planning company.

Advertising, promotion, and branding

As a consultancy company we offer our expertise to create and direct advertising and promotional strategies that communicate the proper message, reach the target market and reinforce branding specifically geared towards working with tourism and the Travel Trade.

Public relations and communications

We offer to keep your company in the forefront of travel publications and journalists, which is paramount to driving consumer demand for your products and services. The story you tell, the creativity of your engagement with travel press and where and how you communicate with them affects your company’s success. Let us connect you to the best of the best travel writers and publications in domestic and international markets.