Startup Bootcamp


Daily and weekly meetings with selected speakers for businesses.

  • Marketing Workshop

  • Ticket price: $55.00
  • 45
  • Ljubljana, Slovenia
From February 07, 2021 - February 18, 2021

Our main goal is to provide a full strategic and financial planning picture to our clients to help them make smart decisions which will help deliver improvements that impact business and stay with them for years to come. In order to arrive somewhere, business owners and managers need to know where they are going.

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  • Consulting Meetings

  • Ticket price: $39.00
  • 45
  • Conference Room 12
From February 10, 2021 - February 19, 2021

Consulting knows that no one knows your business better than yourself so we never try to tell you how to run your business. Our vision is to build a comprehensive understanding of the processes and advise on how we can be of assistance by providing our services that are tailor made for your business.

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