Industrial Goods

Industrial Consulting

The industrial and manufacturing sector will be transformed by Robotics, Automation, 3D printing and many other technologies - to stay relevant in this new world companies must act now.

How we help

Purple oak works with industrial and manufacturing companies across sectors to achieve market-beating performance, pursue new growth opportunities and develop sales and marketing excellence.

Corporate Strategy

We help industrial and manufacturing companies take a fresh look at their portfolio of businesses to identify untapped synergies. We also help you build systems and processes at the corporate level to leverage those synergies as well as review and manage the performance of different businesses.

Performance Excellence

We help industrial players transform to survive and thrive in a rapidly changing external environment. We enable you to achieve your full potential by objectively assessing your current performance and acting as a catalyst for deep and enduring change.

Growth Strategy

We help industrial and manufacturing companies make sound strategic choices about where and how to compete and identify the most attractive opportunities to grow. By taking a deeper look at both your existing markets as well as new areas, we help you identify growth opportunities that might otherwise be missed.

Digital transformation.

Our digital transformation service equips industrial goods companies for the era of Industry 4.0. We help you evaluate where and how digital can impact your business then prioritise the initiatives to build your roadmap to a digital future.